Fun Facts About Ramsgate

Ramsgate is an iconic tourist spot. Its history dates back to 449 AD, when Vikings invaded it and made it their home. But that’s just the tip of the interesting fun facts about this amazing tourists destination.

For a tourist destination that lives up to all of its hype, here are a few fun facts to wrap your head around first before you can go ahead and throw it in your travel bucket list:


Was Once Visited by the first Christian Missionary, St. Augustine


St Augustine landed in the city in 497AD. In recognition, St Augustine’s cross was created to mark the event.


The cross can be found at the west of Cliffsend, while the church with his name can be found on the Westcliff. Both the cross and church were designed by a well-known architect going by the name Augustus Pugin.


It was the main embarkation port during Napoleonic Wars


The town was the main embarkation port in the whole of UK during Napoleonic. It actually accommodated up to 40, 000 troops from town during the wars.


Most Bombed Town in the UK During World War I


The town is known worldwide for being the most bombed seaside town in the whole of UK during world war II. As a result, the town suffered major damages, most of which can still be seen even today.


The town was heavily targeted by German raids. Residents were forced to dig up tunnels and set up temporary shelters and shops for their own safety and survival.


One of England’s Most Picturesque Tourist Spots


Ramsgate is named alongside Holywell, Chichester, Sandwich and Salisbury as one of the most picturesque tourists’ spots in the UK, and in extension the world. You can fully enjoy the benefits of theraputic massage as well as they have a number of spa in the area. 


With its coastline being the main attraction feature, the town is known for relying solely on fishing and tourism for its growth. The town also boasts one of the largest marinas on the south coast of the UK.


Most Festive Towns in Kent


There are lots of stunning harbors in Kent. But none of them lights up their vessels like the Ramsgate Royal Harbour.


Known for hosting annual events, the harbor will be hosting its fifth annual event in December, with more than 80 boats expected to usher in the Christmas spirit.


Ramsgate Tunnels


Ramsgate is also known for a labyrinth of abandoned underground tunnels running about three miles all around town. Built during World War II, the tunnels were created to protect the residents from constant bombings.


Also adding to the underground attraction is a railway tunnel constructed in 1863. Your tour of this great spot begins with you visiting the railway tunnel followed by the Air Raid Protection tunnels running all around Ramsgate.


Beautiful Scenes


Ramsage features some of the most beautiful sceneries in the whole of UK. Among the most visited touring spot is the shine of St. Augustine. Most of those who visit this church do it for its architectural structure, while a good number visit it for its historical significance.